– Eliminate law firm marketing and business development system silos –


The Ahhha Law platform brings legal marketing content management and business development analytics together to deliver more efficient, more effective, performance driven marketing success.

  • Collect

    Manage law firm marketing communications content data and contact history together in one fully integrated solution

  • Publish

    Publish managed law firm marketing content to the web, social media, campaigns, event announcements and proposals

  • Analyze

    Track online and offline interactions data with contact profiles for real-time, actionable law firm business development insight

  • Automate

    Automate best practice, rapid-response legal marketing and business development notifications and processes

The Ahhha Law platform is comprised of four powerful systems working in concert to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of your law firm marketing and business development efforts

Content Asset Manager

Secure, single-source-of-truth, governance and audit-compliant, publishing-agnostic, enterprise style law firm content data management hosted in a proprietary, high-availability, multi-layered, secure private cloud environment

Multi-Channel Publishing Manager

Managed, templated, multi-format, multi-channel legal marketing content publishing and distribution system delivers efficient, consistent, brand-managed content publication across the web, social media, email campaigns, proposals and events

360° Insight Analytics Manager

Relationship insight management and analytics provide an individualized 360° view of online and offline law firm prospect and customer interactions from attraction and engagement through to bottom line business results.

BI and Process Automation Manager

Built-in, real-time business intelligence and process automation help to deepen law firm relationships and nurture interactions with existing and prospective clients.

Successful law firms recognize the value of comprehensive, integrated marketing communications and business development platforms